Genius, Astutely Observant, and Funny

Brendan O.

Posted by Emily Christ on July 01, 2022 · 1 min read

I think her intelligence is massively underrated, in part because her books are all about women and appear (on the surface) to be romance novels, when in reality they are much more. She was an incredibly astute observer of human character and behavior, as well as of society, and in my opinion no other writer matches her for insight on the interplay between the two. Mansfield Park is a work of genius: like several of her other novels, it’s a chronicling and a commentary of a changing era in British history: the decline of the landed gentry, the rise of the new business class, the changing of norms, and the ways this impacted the lives of people. Most importantly, like all great artists, she doesn’t hit you over the head with her commentary and thoughts: instead they come through the engaging stories and unforgettable characters. Lastly, Jane Austen is very very funny. She’s a joy to read because the humor and humanity always come through. As loved as she is, she’s still massively underrated.