Observant, Sharp, and Witty

Chelsea B. – Lawtey, FL

Posted by Emily Christ on July 03, 2022 · 1 min read

Question's not totally clear. Do you mean how I think Jane was as a person or what I think of her literary works? As a person, I see Jane publicly as Fanny or Anne -- a social wallflower that nobody cares to notice -- but internally a keen observer with inner thoughts to rival Lizzy's sharp tongue and quick wit. As an author, I feel Jane's works have transcended centuries because her stories are romantic comedies at heart, featuring both simple and complex characters that play off of each other entertainingly and in ways the reader may not expect. Also, like Shakespeare, her words are timeless, displaying a mix of tenderness, scathing insults, and thought-provoking phrases that can't help but stay with you.